🎶April’s Monthly Notes🎶

It’s all happening at Cirque de Nuit!

I’m super excited to be teaming up with 3 good friends and purveyors of fine music on May 20th, to put on a night of DANCE, MAGIC and MYSTERY. Our playground will be Boogie Mountain (previously the infamous Kit and Kaboodle), right here at the Pottz Point Hotel (well that’s what I think it should be called).

There will be DJ sets from: Go South (Anet Redmer https://soundcloud.com/gosouth), Funkytronic (JM Guitera https://soundcloud.com/funkytronic) and Goldilocks (Chris Kreis  https://soundcloud.com/goldilocks_syd), and of course, a Live set from me, sprinkled with dance, magic and mystery. If you’re not already on-board, head over here and grab your tickets: https://undiscovered.events/cirque-de-nuit

Ok, so that was not strictly April music news, but it’s the main focus right now. April kicked off with one of my best ever live sets played at Sunset Town’s – The Good, the Bad, and the Burners event. 4 amazing days spent on the most spectacular site, with equally fantastic people….too good. Here’s a snippet of my closing track (full set can be seen here – https://youtu.be/uHrEBEZf7BQ):

In others news – I’m still making an album – just a bit later than planned.

Burning Man 2023 is all booked in for this year, so the annual Playa set preparation will be starting very soon.

That’s it for the April Monthly Notes update – Ciao!

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