🎶July’s Monthly Notes🎶 – Hot Tunes in Greece

July was spent in Greece, primarily on Crete. Musically, it was all about getting my album tracks finished to the point where I can hand them over to the Mix and Master engineer. There’s something about working in boardshorts and a singlet, whilst sipping a beer in a Greek taverna, that lends itself to the detailed work that is needed to take a track from ‘Done’ to ‘Ready to Release’:

In reality, I think it was the fact that I had paused all other music activity for the last 7 weeks that has allowed me to focus on the final tasks for the album – no daily splurges (daily idea generation), no weekly BandCamp releases (R.A.W.), no compiling and rehearsing of any live sets, and no chasing down new opportunities for some live gigs (in Greece or back in Sydney).

So, all that is left to do on the album is those bits that I could not do remote from my home studio – mostly all the hardware synth (Moog Sub 37 and Novation Peak) parts (the baggage allowance doesn’t let me take the heavy guns on the sabbaticals unfortunately). The plan is to have that all done by the end of August to hand over to the Mix and Master Engineer.

….AND prep for a live gig I have coming up in Sydney on 11 August:

Grab your tickets here!

…AND prep for Burning Man 2023, to do more of this:

Busy month ahead!


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