I think I deserve a B+

It’s that time of the year (actually, it’s 2 days later than that time) to take stock of how I went with my music goals for 2019. My Report Card is below.

I think it’s about a B+! I had plenty of under shoots on many of my goals, but I overachieved on my #1 priority of playing live. So, I guess that reflects me prioritising my time for the most important stuff.

Also I’ve been neglecting the social media marketing networks while I focused on playing live, so 2020 will have to be a pick-up in that area. Especially since I’m hoping to secure some gig in Rome where I’ll be hanging out for 3 months!

So, I’ve also added my 2020 goals…some stretches in places. It’s going to be a hell of a ride!

2019 Pottz Scorecard…

…will be coming soon. I’ll be kicking off 2020 with a set on NYD at a private party, so right now I’m just chilling before the fun and games start on day #1 2020.

I do want to wrap up 2019 by saying a massive thank you to all the people who continue to encourage me with my music, the people who dance to the tunes, the people who try high five me in the middle of a live set, the people who come up to me after a gig and rave about what I’m doing with the live thing, the people who sidle up to the booth and ogle the set-up and the live gymnastics. the people who give positive comments on my live feeds, (and the people who leave negative comments that force to to lift my game), the people who, download my music, the people who stream my music and the people who buy my music….every one of you make this crazy music game worthwhile.

2020 will be another year of some long-reach goals and lots more live music. Here we go!!!!

Thanks again!

Chairman of the Steve Pottz Fan Club – Italian Chapter (Sicily June 2019)

One more month…

Already December! Eek!

I’m a bit behind my targeted track completion rate for November…for all the right reasons – I got to perform live at 3 gigs last month. And because I always try introduce some new music into every live gig, I end up spending too much time on the prep. But hey, it’s a worthwhile trade off.

Here’s a clip from an awesome gig I had early November at the Burning Seed Decompression at Manly Dam. This track was brand new from October, and this is its first play Live 10 days later….THIS is what it is all about….played LIVE!

I’ve got 3 new tracks…actually one reborn from 2014 reworked for live play, and 2 brand new tracks…will be out in a day or so. Keep an eye on Facebook or Soundcloud.

I’m planning to keep the new music churn fired up through Christmas and New Year and hopefully land a few more live gig opportunities…just in time for the Sydney Summer. Will let you know.

Living it – Live!

So, 18 months ago I got to play my first ever proper live set at Techno-Live @Club 77, and had a total ball.

12 months after that I got a message from one of the people in the crowd, saying that he had seen me play, and that I had inspired him to get it together to do the Live thing… well, that was Tom Budin who now does his live act with Hocus.

I’m super excited to once more be returning to Club77 for some more live music, and to share the stage with Hocus.

Support Live music (…and of course all the awesome DJ sets)!!!

Back in the Studio

Yes! October finally saw me back in the studio and getting back into some level of music production routine.

After some great times playing at Burning Man and Burning Seed, it has been a nice change to just be producing again. Here’s the new music from October, a techy bunch of tracks…maybe with some burner influences??

Not much else to report right now other than there will be much more music coming out in November so keep an eye out in a months time.

Also, I am happy to have my first collaboration released (out 8 November). Check out Continuum which I co-produced with Funkytronic (aka Jean-Marie Guitera). Available on all major digital platforms (and early order here on Beatport.

…and on the live front, I’ll be playing a set at Funkytronics party on the 9th November and another at the Burning Seed Decomp on Sunday 10th November…come along and have a listen!

Burnt out!…or just smouldering?

So, I’m just back from Burning Seed (Aussie regional burn), and feeling fired up (ok, ok…no more fire puns), but also a little shattered after the last two events.

Burning Seed was very different to Burning Man. Smaller and way less intense, but way more social with a much more integrated community and definitely not less enjoyable.

I teamed up with the awesome Spice Cadets theme camp that has an ethos of all things spicy – music, food, drink, creativity….see the connection?

Sunset Island

I played 2 sets at Seed – the first was at the Spice Cadet’s opening party – Spice Safari. Great fun, with a really appreciative crowd. No pics or recording I’m afraid as we were all a bit flat out getting things sorted to get anything set up.

Then I also got to play an awesome set on Bhima the Dragon. Bhima is one of the large art cars at Seed….a converted bus in the form of a fire breathing, luminescent dragon! I had one of the best sets ever on Bhima…first ever set on a moving dragon.

Catch a video of the tail end of my Bhima set in the link below (full set link in the description).

So now, it’s a serious decompress, and a return to the habits of lots of new music creation and hopefully some live gigs in and around Sydney…..and breathe!!


So here I am at San Francisco airport with another 2 hours to spare and thinking back on the last 2 weeks and what it all meant.

Burning Man….conjures up all sorts of preconceptions. Some of them spot-on, many way off in their pre-judgement. I signed up for this journey of craziness 50% ‘cos I love crazy and non-convention, and 50% ‘cos I wanted to play my music to some of the 70,000 other crazies who were going to be there. So, how did it go???

OKNOTOK 3 hour set…first gig at Burning Man

It went pretty well overall. I got myself out there, with a reduced, reconfigured set-up, found a way to get my gear over there and survive the environment and dust (despite needing to be set-up over an ice bath), played my first 3 hr set EVER, learnt a bit about how to pick your gigs for BM, had some disappointments in terms of crowds, and received some awesomely positive comments from some fans…..so, pretty good I think!!

And that was just the working! The play was totally mind-blowing on top of all that:

Playa Partying

I met some absolutely awesome people, was part of the most understated, coolest theme camp (The Geckos), learnt many lessons for next time (2020 BM is already in the diary), and ticked off a major bucket list item and 2019 music goal….

Next up is playing at Burning Seed, the regional Australian Burn….my first time. A 90 minute live set there as well as an Electronic Drum Circle Event that I am leading (think, drum circle, but also with synths, drum machines, drum pads and twisted fx to take it to another whole level).

Ciya again at and of September. Keep a look out for the live video of my set at the Gecko’s ABCD party at Burning Man 2019…out soon on YouTube.

July Monthly Notes – Ciao Sicily

And so my 3 month Sicilian sabbatical comes to an end. I got plenty of new music done in May and June with my #20TracksIn20 project. I slipped a little in June so only ended up with 37 new tracks from the 2 months, of which about 14 I’ve deemed worthwhile taking further.

3 of those new tracks have already been made live-ready and I’ve given them a whirl at the 2 gigs I had while in Acireale on the Sicilian East coast. Amazing to get to play whilst in a new country and get such awesome support and feedback from people who didn’t know who the hell I was.

Chairman of the Steve Pottz fan club – Italian Chapter

Then the last month in Palermo has been focussed 100% on preparation for Burning Man (coming up end of August). I’ve had to radically reduce my ‘footprint’ to put together a set-up that will survive the journey out to the desert and then the rigours of a week on the playa. I’ve removed one analogue synth, ditched my audio interface/mixer, and cut my keyboard controller in half. I’ve also put together a battery only solution to allow me to be able to play out in the desert (away from camp generators) if that opportunity comes up.

Here’s a work-in-progress video shot from our rooftop in Palermo…still plenty of work to go…Eek, sometime in the next THREE WEEKS!

Well, that’s it for now. Next check in will be post Burning Man. See you on the other side….HOPEFULLY!

Halfway through 2019…and?

Wow, at the 50% mark already for the year. A bit of a false yardstick really…the passing of the year, but still one I find useful to see how I’m tracking on all those things I want to achieve this year musically.

So, it’s going quite well. I have have played at 3 private parties, and 3 bar/club gigs so far in the 1st half of the year. I have lined up to play a couple of solo shows on various stages, as well as in our camp (The Geckos) at Burning Man. And I will also be playing some music at the Australian burn – Burning Seed with the camp I have joined (The Spice Cadets).

Getting the 2 gigs in Acireale, Sicily was an amazing win as it, albeit in a very small way, has shown some inkling that the make music, live abroad, play music dream might work!!!

Deeply Serious at Sketch Bar (just because I’m not smiling does not mean I’m not having fun)

The last two month’s, I’ve also been working hard at doing the 20TracksIn20. May was a success with 20 tracks completed, but June was a bit challenging with a 2nd gig to prepare for and with multiple “day’s leave’ being needed for excursions around the East coast of Sicily, so I only managed 70% with 14 tracks done. I will catch up the remaining 6 in Palermo. The result of these daily live compositions can be found here: May20in20 and June20in20.

So, what’s up for this month? Well, first I complete last month’s 20TracksIn20 then I will be focusing 100% on preparing my sets for the various Burning Man shows…a desert-proof set-up also needs to be trialled (cling-wrapped laptop, reduced gear, small keyboard, performing in bright sunlight etc). I’ll be posting my progress along the way on Facebook and YouTube.

I hope you catch some of the work in progress.

A month in Sicily and what to show for it??

Well, apart from a few extra kgs that even regular yoga and running can’t seem to shake….quite a lot.

Firstly there’s the 20 tracks that I have produced each (working) day, and live streamed to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Instagram.  Click on the image on the left to check some of them out on YouTube.  

What is this #20TracksIn20 all about.  Well, you can read all about it here.

Then I also had a great gig, my first European gig, at the coolest hangout in the region – Sketch Urban Art Cafe.  I got to play some of my more chilled jazzy tracks but then still ramped it up for some more vibey beats…one of my best gigs ever:


So What’s up for the rest of the Sicilian adventure…..well, another month of #20TracksIn20 during June as well as starting to formulate my plan for my sets in Burning Man which will be coming up in August…time to hand pick some key tunes to showcase when I play on the playa!!!! Whoot!

Also some secret plans of a possible Sicilian live outdoor thing….plans are a-hatching!!!!….watch this space.