That’s what you go through post a Burning Man session. So much physically, mentally and spiritually to unpack after 8 days in the dusty, smokin’ hot (this year particularly), craziness that is Black Rock City!

I had some great musical plays out there – some of them even had some people attending (!), and all were a valuable learning experience in how to do more of the live playing, especially in the harsh conditions of Burner events.

The highlight for me was a solo venture that I planned with my good friend and burner co-conspirator Chris (aka Goldilocks). We decided to put on our own event in the playa. We loaded up a trolley with 2 battery powered speakers, my whole live rig, Goldilocks’ DJ gear, an esky (cooler for the non-Aussies) packed with ice and Margarita mix, and did the hot and dusty trudge out into the middle of the playa.

A cool artwork formed our stage and shady backdrop for our ‘gig’. While I played, Goldilocks served the punters ice cold drinks and vice versa. It was great fun and I think might form the main basis for my Burning Man music in 2023 – a daily Steve Pottz live set at sunset Monday-Friday….plans are hatching already.

The full video is still in edit, but here’s a teaser of our sunset playa play:

Next stop for my music journey is….Rome!

One month to go so I’ll be bringing the same live rig I took to Burning Man to Rome for 3 months of Italian inspiration for the Pottz tunez. More on the plans for that at the end of this month.

Living it – Live!

So, 18 months ago I got to play my first ever proper live set at Techno-Live @Club 77, and had a total ball.

12 months after that I got a message from one of the people in the crowd, saying that he had seen me play, and that I had inspired him to get it together to do the Live thing… well, that was Tom Budin who now does his live act with Hocus.

I’m super excited to once more be returning to Club77 for some more live music, and to share the stage with Hocus.

Support Live music (…and of course all the awesome DJ sets)!!!

Pottz Panned – Edition 2 – More is Law

It’s the 7th of the month and that’s when I get out Pottz Panned – a monthly live video of one of my tracks.  The rules (my rules) are whatever I record in the first take is what I use, no going back for multiple times to try get it perfect.  So, it will be pretty gritty and real (in other words, there will be some mistakes).

This month, for the 2nd edition of Pottz Panned I’ve taken my track ‘More is Law’ from May this year, and given it the live work out.  I hope you enjoy it.  I have also been trialling some new iPad software – Touchable 3– very nice, but taking some getting used to.

For any live performers out there who have any questions about my set-up, please feel free to email me.

And here’s a link to my June music, just in case you missed the 1 July release.

The first edition of Pottz Panned (no, I am not wearing leg warmers!!)

So here it is – the first Pottz Panned.

What is it?  Well, every month I will be doing a single-take, live recording of one my tracks and posting it up here for all.  You will see the style of music that my live show comprises, complete with the little surprises that come from truly playing live – some of the surprises are good and some are…well, different.

For those who’re more from the performing rather than listening/watching side of the camp, I’m happy to get into any discussion on live set-ups, configurations, tips and ideas and will be posting some more on that later (strictly for the geeks in the class). Getting a live electronic set-up that works is like learning a whole new instrument – along with the 10,000 hours it takes to then perfect it… Pottz Panned will track that journey.

This first edition is a live take of my track ‘The Dance’ from my November ’14 collection.  The original was quite tribally, but this live take gets all a little loose and jazzy…enjoy.

(PS – those are not leg warmers I am wearing, they are my very cool (warm), fur-lined Japanese boots….cold studio)

Highlights from the 1st Live Set

After many weeks of preparation, I got my first live set delivered in early December.  Much thanks to the online community for all the assistance in getting things working, most notably the great advice you can get from Tom Cosm.

This was a rather humble beginning, but marks quite a milestone for the Steve Pottz live shows.  Much has been learnt along the way and I have a very clear idea about what will be coming out in 2014…watch this space.