10oo10k Monthly Mix – March 2015

So, here we are again. 10 tracks culled from the 10,000+ that get churned out on Beat Port every month (in this genre). The good tracks are there, you just need to wade through the rubbish to find them…or, of course you can have me do that for you every month (subscribe to my site and you’ll get them each month). A techno collection again this month, with Paride Saraceni’s remix of Reflective by Uto Karem, really hitting the mark for me. And then of course there’s the relentless beat of Robert Babicz’s Aural Phase. Enjoy…play it loud!

10oo10k Monthly Mix – February

So here it is – the first 10oo10k Monthly Mix.

What is 10oo10k?  It stands for 10 out of 10,000.  Every month thousands of new tracks are released on BeatPort, around about 10,000 in the sounds that count: techno, tech house and deep house.

Every month, I am going to trawl through the releases and find the 10 tracks that hit that spot, and put them into a monthly mix.  10 carefully selected killer tracks served up every month for you.

So, here’s the first 10oo10k FEB15.  The mixing will get better (Set the bar low and soar right on over).