I’m Making an Album! Capturing the Moment

Part of my creative process is to just free jam and improvise over an initial idea. The idea is most often just a Splurge (a 20-30 minute quick brain dump of free flow ideas that I do EVERY day, first thing in my studio). These splurges are usually quite bare bones and just the initial ideas of where a track might go.

Then I do a quick Discovery Session with the track to tease out some more direction, before I set-up to do a live stream creative improvisation as a means of producing a more fully formed track. The track below I live streamed from Berlin in 2018 when I spend a few months there on creative sabbatical. This live jam is one of the one that really worked.

Savannah Soul was the resulting track, and whilst I’ve played it out live many times since, I have never really managed to capture the essence of that live jam. It’s a definite for the new album and I am going to spend the next few weeks recapturing the fun I had when jamming this track, as it really does capture a lot of what I believe my sound is and what I want to come through in the album.

Check out the original creation of Savannah Soul right here:

Counting down to something BIG!

Wow things are happening at a pace right now. So much so that I missed shooting out my month-end email to you. That’s because I’ve been pretty busy.

Hot on the heels of my first outing with my live set at Club 77, I’ve been booked to play a full 90 minute set at Club 77:

29873101_10160106595250184_4893903538304903764_o (1)

Not only that, but I get to do it on the same night as Trinity, a Sydney producer and live performer who I’ve been watching her live shows intenetly for a while (she opened for RIchie Hawtin when he was out here doing his Closer show…..both were awesome.)

So, I said 2018 was going to be all about getting my music out LIVE….and here we are. Next time we catch up I will be coming down from the high of doing this gig.

June Monthly Notes

First up… the new tunes.  5 Tracks for June, all with a tech house flavour.  Here they are:

July will be a quiet month with only 10 days before I and Mrs Pottz head off for some Japanese craziness in Tokyo.  Will have to find a few of the little techno hideaways to grab some Japanese influences while travelling.

Also, I am way behind on getting my live set up and running, along with my monthly video feeds…normal programming will resume in August.

Off to get cracking on some new tunez for July.

2017…And we’re Off!!

Some new music to kick off 2017.  3 tracks I have had bouncing around for far too long and I just need to get them off the ‘work in progress’ list and DONE!!

So here they are:

…leaving a clean slate to start February’s new music tomorrow.

The ever-necessary corporate gig will still be causing some intrusions into the music production for the next 2 months, but I hope to still get a fresh batch of music brewing right away.