Blue Note just crashed Cocoon

Steve Pottz is an electronic music producer & performer, marrying genuine old-school jazz & blues skills with cutting house techno grooves.
Steve Pottz is the music of Steve Phillpott who lives and works in Sydney Australia. A long-time jazz and blues piano player, he has, over the last 15 years turned his attention to the world of electronic music. Always with a nod back to his jazz and blues roots, the music ranges from deep house to minimal techno.After many years working in the finance industry, Steve recently has given up the high life to focus 100% on music, and is constantly building his repertoire of original tracks. At the same time he is continually evolving his live show, that showcases his music in a live forum. This is no ‘just press play’ live set, but resembles more a live jazz jam, with improvised keyboard lines and on-the-fly composing and arranging, resulting in a new, fresh sound every gig.
Steve played piano from an early age having his first ‘live gig’ at the age of 7 when he played for his school prize giving. His musical path really started in Cape Town, South Africa where he first started engaging with the jazz scene there, playing piano and keyboards. A real appreciation for rhythm and groove was learnt playing with Basil ‘Mannenberg’ Coetzee and his band Sabenza – raw, powerful music synonymous with that time in South Africa. Various jazz and blues bands followed when Steve moved to Johannesburg.During this time Steve, produced a number of TV and radio jingles as well as co-producing music for TV drama and film.
Steve has continued to play and write music from that time, most prolifically after moving to Australia in 1999. Encroaching work pressures meant that all music work slowly came to a stop, with no music being produced for the last 7 years.After 14 years working in the finance industry, Steve has decided to make the time to totally focus on music. Starting from June 2013, Steve has been working on original tracks, building a collection of music that can be performed live. Using Ableton Live, a collection of controllers and keyboards, the live set is steering the music towards a more minimal, but funky sound.

Steve uses these same skills to write music for advertising, TV and film, and the computer game industry, with music ranging from classical to minimal techno.

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