10oo10k Monthly Mix – February

So here it is – the first 10oo10k Monthly Mix.

What is 10oo10k?  It stands for 10 out of 10,000.  Every month thousands of new tracks are released on BeatPort, around about 10,000 in the sounds that count: techno, tech house and deep house.

Every month, I am going to trawl through the releases and find the 10 tracks that hit that spot, and put them into a monthly mix.  10 carefully selected killer tracks served up every month for you.

So, here’s the first 10oo10k FEB15.  The mixing will get better (Set the bar low and soar right on over).


4 Replies to “10oo10k Monthly Mix – February”

  1. Hi Boet , looking good , im so jealous, working like a slave, cant wait till you “home”so we can marry your content with my toys and have a bash……who would have guessed………

    1. Thanks Shaun – sorry I missed replying on this. The admin associated with tracking all these different forms of social media is quite an overhead. Your ‘toys’ certainly look interesting. Those speakers look awesome. Hopefully catch you when we are back around Easter next year.

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