Pottz Panned – Edition 2 – More is Law

It’s the 7th of the month and that’s when I get out Pottz Panned – a monthly live video of one of my tracks.  The rules (my rules) are whatever I record in the first take is what I use, no going back for multiple times to try get it perfect.  So, it will be pretty gritty and real (in other words, there will be some mistakes).

This month, for the 2nd edition of Pottz Panned I’ve taken my track ‘More is Law’ from May this year, and given it the live work out.  I hope you enjoy it.  I have also been trialling some new iPad software – Touchable 3– very nice, but taking some getting used to.

For any live performers out there who have any questions about my set-up, please feel free to email me.

And here’s a link to my June music, just in case you missed the 1 July release.

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