Big News

Well, the first of the  month has rolled around and usually I would have a bunch of new tracks for you.  A few changes this month…

Firstly, the big news is that the 1st release has dropped.  Sydney Summertime EP – Steve Pottz is now available on all major distributors.  This represents a major milestone for me, and Fine Tune Records.  Look out for news on the next release to follow.

Download links:…/sydney-summertime-s…/id1043800144
(Also on all other major distributors)

So, it has been a busy month, and I did have 5 new tracks lined up….BUT, I have just taken on a contract role for the next few months so am facing a few challenges in getting the time to complete everything.  So, instead of rushing them out, I’m holding them over for the next few months.

Here is one new track that I produced as part of Project Godard (PG) – A creative coaching program I have been doing.  This one was an introspective delve into our own characters…enough said:

I also had a lot of fun Jamming with Kanye West, another PG track, this time complete with video:

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