Pottz Panned – Edition 6 – Sweet Time

7th of the month again, time for Pottz Panned.  Something a little different this month. This track was created completely by doing a live jammed composition straight into Ableton Live (my live music app).

This was actually the combination of 2 projects, the first was from Project Godard – the ‘find your distinct musical voice’ project I am doing with Mike Monday. The ‘game’ for this week was write a track that only uses 4 elements (other than drums).  And also make use of metaphor to depict 3 questions about ‘my sound’.

I took it step further, and combined this exercise with my monthly live video (Pottz Panned) , and created a track completely live, composed in one take.  The full prep before I pressed record was about 10 minutes, to:

– select a kick sound from a loop
– select a perc loop, and make a few clips that looped different sections of that loop
– chose the 4 elements I was going to use:
– select a bass sound, just chose the 1st one from deep bass on Albino 3
– found a vocal loop, and made a few clips that looped different sections
– selected my usual EP sound (Lounge Lizard)
– took the first sound that I had in my live template – a stabby piano sound

…and press record.

This is the most ‘live’ I’ve ever worked on a track and pretty happy with the results.

The metaphorical answers I was trying to convey at the same time were – The Steve Pottz sound:

What colour or colours is it? Purple with Orange spots
When is it?                         Sunset, dusk
What does it mean?             Frivolous, hedonistic i.e. = nothing meaningful

(Excuse the shaky side cam…which also gets way out of sync!!)

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