Busy rewiring the Brain! Again

Good Habits….take time to reinstate.  I should remember from the last time I came out of Corporate Rehab!!

The month has already started and I’m a day late with Pottz Posts, and still no sign of any new music. I have been busy, just not nearly as productive as before I took my earn-a-buck ‘break’ for 6 months.  It’s as if I need to relearn all the habits and skills that were contributing to the good momentum I had around November last year.

So, instead of rushing out the 2 tracks I have been working on since I kicked off again from mid-May, I have decided to hold them over to June and cut myself some slack.

I have also been working on my next 10 track mix curated from all the releases throughout May.  10oo10k May will be out on the 7th, I’m just putting the mix together now.  In the meantime, here’s a taster of what will be in May’s selection.  Mondo Di Romboby RocCyjoes. Enjoy!

Also out later this month (15th) will be the next Pottz Panned video, the first with my new Ableton Push 2 controller.

That’s it for now. I’m off to rewire by brain to remember all the Good Habits and kill those bad ones.


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