August Monthly Notes

MUM’s the Word

Well another month gone and I know it’s been a bit quiet on the new-track front.  I have been busy.  Busy working on a creative course with a focus to Make Unique Music or MUM.  I have been churning out a track a week for the last 10 weeks, all designed to bring out the Pottz unique elements.  Each track came with various rules that challenged and stretched the creative mind…and a lot of fun things emerged.

Anyhow, I’m making them exclusively available to the Pottz Post subscribers for interest.  I still have to work out what I do with some as there are some that definitely warrant a rework.  If you want access to the tracks, hit this link to subscribe to Pottz Posts.

melting potSome notable tracks:
MUM04 – Fake (Has MJ’s Billie Jean as an inspiration)
MUM09 – Don’t Wait (with a sample of a Sydney pedestrian crossing signal)
MUM10 – Slow Train (I sing on this one!!!  Definitely one not for release, but a rework of a track I wrote 25 years ago about having to choose between music and conventional employment (the Slow Train).  Quite topical for now!!)

I’ll still have my monthly mix out on the 7th – 10oo10k August. And also a live video feed of one of my tracks can’t be too far away as well, so keep a look out.

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