It’s Good to be (a)Live!

Whew 2018 has started with quite a rush….in a good way!

I have one goal for 2018 and that’s to play my music LIVE!

It’s something I have always had, as a musician, the thrill of playing live to an audience, But things got a little distracted when taking my music to the techno space. I found myself going down a rabbit hole of production.

And so, for the last month I embarked on a completely new thing. I played live every day to the internet with a daily live feed in JAMuary (sic) get it??

This resulted in many lessons learned (still to be implemented), but I think the ultimate post for JAMuary 2018, does capture where I am going:

There will be plenty more of these live feeds in February.  Check out Facebook for all the feeds from JAMuary.


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