Berlin, danke und auf Wiedersehen

Well, that was fun.  2 months in Berlin soaking up the creative vibes and general open-minded free thinking craziness that abounds here (there!).
I’ve been busy the last 2 months with a creative tool that I called #20TracksIn20.  What is #20TracksIn20 all about? Well, every (week) day for the months of May and June I spent a short while, usually 3 to 4 hours, writing a new track and then did a live feed of me performing the track. It’s a bit of an improvised jam as I seldom have worked out much of an arrangement and generally just have a few key parts established. At the end of the 2 months I will select the top tracks to “finish” (whatever “finished” means – most likely creative structures I can then repeat the live performances).  Click here for the link to the 2 Facebook video playlists.

So now, it’s back to Sydney and fully focused on playing live.  I have tons of new material (40 tracks) from which to select some new material, so a big update to the show is being prepared.

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