Monthly Notez from November

Whew-eeee, it’s almost the end of 2018.

I’ve been cracking through the production process of late. I’m using ideas that borrow from the Agile software development approach. Shoot me a reply email if you’re interested in the details (warning, only for the geeks out there). Actually, it’s not my idea and if you’re really interested in how the Agile approach can be used to help music production, you should hit up Mike Monday, my creative coach, for full details. I’ve almost doubled my throughput using these techniques.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to listen to the tracks sitting in my October Incubator that I posted recently. I use the term Incubator because music that I finish hangs out there for a month or 2 whilst I see if it resonates with my creative critic after some time hanging out in a warm nurturing space. If it does then I’ll wrap them up for final mix, master and release.

So a few more tracks going into the October Incubator:

1) Combinations is the 1st collaboration that I’ve done with Sydney DJ/Producer Funkytronic. A tech house groover with some glitch synth arps.
2) Summer Rain one of those tracks that basically wrote itself in a few hours. A jazzy laid back groove.

Hope you enjoy!

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