The Pottz 2018 Scorecard

A question I frequently get asked is “what the hell do you do”? So with the year all wrapped up, I thought I’d look back at what I intended to do, and what I actually did.

[Please excuse the crazy formatting on his post…iPad constructed while travelling, so it’s somewhat limited!]

The #1 Goal for 2018 was to PLAY LIVE so let’s see how that panned out…

  • Clubs/Parties: Target 6 / Actual 2

  • Festivals: Target 2 / Actual 0

    Actually the first gig was really an ‘open mic” thing, but I’m counting it. This will once again be the #1 goal for 2019 with key stretch goals to play at Burning Man, Burning Seed and Subsonic.


    Target 60 / Actual 26 (43%)

    This one is a bit skewed as I decided at the beginning of the year to focus everything on my live performance so new music took a back seat for the first half of the year.
    The I also revamped my music writing process to better prime the ‘pipeline’ (See Splurges below), where I now have heaps of inspirational material to turn into finished tracks. The 2 months of 2018 that I used this approach I finished 8 tracks per month!
    All completed music goes up onto SoundCloud for people to listen and download:
    SOUNDCLOUD ACTIVITYAnd always interesting to see who’s listening where (that mega city Redfern is sure showing support):


    Target 0 / Actual 149

    These are the musical equivalent of Daily Pages for writers, daily creative outputs which get committed every morning. The interesting number is how many of these are well in the running to being finished tracks…currently I have 38…~ 25%!! So plenty of music in the pipeline!!


    Target: 0* / Actual: 97

    * Hadn’t really thought about it at the end of 2017
    Live Video Feeds, viewed 34,600 times on Facebook. I use to simultaneously stream to YouTube, and Periscope, so actual number is greater. And apparently on Restream I was 76% more active than other users:


    Target: 12 (3/quarter) / Actual: 3

    I’m getting things sorted with Fine Tune Music next year to have at least 1 single release per month, so still 12 per year. AND I am also planning on an album to be conceived when on Sicily for 3 months!


    This would be from the 6 tracks that I have released, so not a huge base.
    At 0.008c per stream, you can see I’m well on my way to mega-stardom.


    From my live Facebook jam of Laurent Garnier’s Man with the Red Face:
    Translation “Wake me up when it’s finished”! After 11s….bastard!


    Promo feedback for my release Flow Tin
    And this after my set at Club 77 – Techno Live

    You still with me? You are performing 130% better than any of my other supporters. So, thanks for hanging with me in this crazy lark called music, I really do appreciate the support. 2018 was a mixed year with some wins and plenty of areas to improve…onwards and upwards to 2019.

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    1. Love your work Steve! You may be the most organised musician in history 🙂 I’d like to see more stats on random punters picking up German women next time tho

      1. Thanks Dave…I’ll work on the random punter stats, it’s been noted as an improvement area before!😊

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