Are you finished yet?

A question I get asked quite often about my music? Especially when I broadcast out monthly “finished” music.

Well, it’s complicated! What I do each month is warp up the month’s music and upload it to SoundCloud into (what I call) the monthly Incubator. There it sits, in its rather raw form whilst I listen back to it and see whether I think it has the legs to go the full road to release. Most don’t make it, but a certain percentage always stand out…and then somewhere down the road they get final polish, mix and master and out they come.

This month I have whipped up an absolute musical smorgasbord. We have:

  • Get it Low: Glitchy Electro
  • Once Removed: Piano Funk Electro
  • Guit the Blues: Blues House
  • Mad Drums: Afro Tech House Craziness
  • Balalaika Rushin: Russian Country Folk/House
  • Soul Full: Soul and Beeps

Get it all on Soundcloud:


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