Halfway through 2019…and?

Wow, at the 50% mark already for the year. A bit of a false yardstick really…the passing of the year, but still one I find useful to see how I’m tracking on all those things I want to achieve this year musically.

So, it’s going quite well. I have have played at 3 private parties, and 3 bar/club gigs so far in the 1st half of the year. I have lined up to play a couple of solo shows on various stages, as well as in our camp (The Geckos) at Burning Man. And I will also be playing some music at the Australian burn – Burning Seed with the camp I have joined (The Spice Cadets).

Getting the 2 gigs in Acireale, Sicily was an amazing win as it, albeit in a very small way, has shown some inkling that the make music, live abroad, play music dream might work!!!

Deeply Serious at Sketch Bar (just because I’m not smiling does not mean I’m not having fun)

The last two month’s, I’ve also been working hard at doing the 20TracksIn20. May was a success with 20 tracks completed, but June was a bit challenging with a 2nd gig to prepare for and with multiple “day’s leave’ being needed for excursions around the East coast of Sicily, so I only managed 70% with 14 tracks done. I will catch up the remaining 6 in Palermo. The result of these daily live compositions can be found here: May20in20 and June20in20.

So, what’s up for this month? Well, first I complete last month’s 20TracksIn20 then I will be focusing 100% on preparing my sets for the various Burning Man shows…a desert-proof set-up also needs to be trialled (cling-wrapped laptop, reduced gear, small keyboard, performing in bright sunlight etc). I’ll be posting my progress along the way on Facebook and YouTube.

I hope you catch some of the work in progress.

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