July Monthly Notes – Ciao Sicily

And so my 3 month Sicilian sabbatical comes to an end. I got plenty of new music done in May and June with my #20TracksIn20 project. I slipped a little in June so only ended up with 37 new tracks from the 2 months, of which about 14 I’ve deemed worthwhile taking further.

3 of those new tracks have already been made live-ready and I’ve given them a whirl at the 2 gigs I had while in Acireale on the Sicilian East coast. Amazing to get to play whilst in a new country and get such awesome support and feedback from people who didn’t know who the hell I was.

Chairman of the Steve Pottz fan club – Italian Chapter

Then the last month in Palermo has been focussed 100% on preparation for Burning Man (coming up end of August). I’ve had to radically reduce my ‘footprint’ to put together a set-up that will survive the journey out to the desert and then the rigours of a week on the playa. I’ve removed one analogue synth, ditched my audio interface/mixer, and cut my keyboard controller in half. I’ve also put together a battery only solution to allow me to be able to play out in the desert (away from camp generators) if that opportunity comes up.

Here’s a work-in-progress video shot from our rooftop in Palermo…still plenty of work to go…Eek, sometime in the next THREE WEEKS!

Well, that’s it for now. Next check in will be post Burning Man. See you on the other side….HOPEFULLY!

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