So here I am at San Francisco airport with another 2 hours to spare and thinking back on the last 2 weeks and what it all meant.

Burning Man….conjures up all sorts of preconceptions. Some of them spot-on, many way off in their pre-judgement. I signed up for this journey of craziness 50% ‘cos I love crazy and non-convention, and 50% ‘cos I wanted to play my music to some of the 70,000 other crazies who were going to be there. So, how did it go???

OKNOTOK 3 hour set…first gig at Burning Man

It went pretty well overall. I got myself out there, with a reduced, reconfigured set-up, found a way to get my gear over there and survive the environment and dust (despite needing to be set-up over an ice bath), played my first 3 hr set EVER, learnt a bit about how to pick your gigs for BM, had some disappointments in terms of crowds, and received some awesomely positive comments from some fans…..so, pretty good I think!!

And that was just the working! The play was totally mind-blowing on top of all that:

Playa Partying

I met some absolutely awesome people, was part of the most understated, coolest theme camp (The Geckos), learnt many lessons for next time (2020 BM is already in the diary), and ticked off a major bucket list item and 2019 music goal….

Next up is playing at Burning Seed, the regional Australian Burn….my first time. A 90 minute live set there as well as an Electronic Drum Circle Event that I am leading (think, drum circle, but also with synths, drum machines, drum pads and twisted fx to take it to another whole level).

Ciya again at and of September. Keep a look out for the live video of my set at the Gecko’s ABCD party at Burning Man 2019…out soon on YouTube.

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