Burnt out!…or just smouldering?

So, I’m just back from Burning Seed (Aussie regional burn), and feeling fired up (ok, ok…no more fire puns), but also a little shattered after the last two events.

Burning Seed was very different to Burning Man. Smaller and way less intense, but way more social with a much more integrated community and definitely not less enjoyable.

I teamed up with the awesome Spice Cadets theme camp that has an ethos of all things spicy – music, food, drink, creativity….see the connection?

Sunset Island

I played 2 sets at Seed – the first was at the Spice Cadet’s opening party – Spice Safari. Great fun, with a really appreciative crowd. No pics or recording I’m afraid as we were all a bit flat out getting things sorted to get anything set up.

Then I also got to play an awesome set on Bhima the Dragon. Bhima is one of the large art cars at Seed….a converted bus in the form of a fire breathing, luminescent dragon! I had one of the best sets ever on Bhima…first ever set on a moving dragon.

Catch a video of the tail end of my Bhima set in the link below (full set link in the description).

So now, it’s a serious decompress, and a return to the habits of lots of new music creation and hopefully some live gigs in and around Sydney…..and breathe!!

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