One more month…

Already December! Eek!

I’m a bit behind my targeted track completion rate for November…for all the right reasons – I got to perform live at 3 gigs last month. And because I always try introduce some new music into every live gig, I end up spending too much time on the prep. But hey, it’s a worthwhile trade off.

Here’s a clip from an awesome gig I had early November at the Burning Seed Decompression at Manly Dam. This track was brand new from October, and this is its first play Live 10 days later….THIS is what it is all about….played LIVE!

I’ve got 3 new tracks…actually one reborn from 2014 reworked for live play, and 2 brand new tracks…will be out in a day or so. Keep an eye on Facebook or Soundcloud.

I’m planning to keep the new music churn fired up through Christmas and New Year and hopefully land a few more live gig opportunities…just in time for the Sydney Summer. Will let you know.

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