2019 Pottz Scorecard…

…will be coming soon. I’ll be kicking off 2020 with a set on NYD at a private party, so right now I’m just chilling before the fun and games start on day #1 2020.

I do want to wrap up 2019 by saying a massive thank you to all the people who continue to encourage me with my music, the people who dance to the tunes, the people who try high five me in the middle of a live set, the people who come up to me after a gig and rave about what I’m doing with the live thing, the people who sidle up to the booth and ogle the set-up and the live gymnastics. the people who give positive comments on my live feeds, (and the people who leave negative comments that force to to lift my game), the people who, download my music, the people who stream my music and the people who buy my music….every one of you make this crazy music game worthwhile.

2020 will be another year of some long-reach goals and lots more live music. Here we go!!!!

Thanks again!

Chairman of the Steve Pottz Fan Club – Italian Chapter (Sicily June 2019)

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