A splurge a day…

Creative writers swear by the habit of Morning Pages  – three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, ideally done first thing in the morning. Well, I do the musical equivalent of Morning Pages – daily Splurges….here:

A splurge is ~ 30 minutes of uncritical, kinda ‘stream of consciousness’ music dumping, and always culminates in an audio extract in a rough arrangement. These 20+ splurges a month, go into my musical sketchbook which is where I draw on my ideas for the tracks I work on each month.

Which is why I love the 1st working day of the month – time to reach into that lolly jar of musical ideas and pick 5 ideas to further craft into finished tracks…. February, here we come!!!

On the release front, my next release Techno Fern has been a little delayed from its planned 31 Jan release, but will be out 10 February on all your favourite digital platforms. Also, Scat & Hum has been picked up for re-release on the Nothing But label, get that here.

The new music from January is….almooooooost done. What the socials for an announcement when those hit SoundCloud later this week.

Ok – back to picking the new tracks for February’s creations.

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