Real Holidays?

It’s quite strange that, now that I am a full time musician, I actually have way less real holiday time (or proper downtime for that matter). When I was a wage slave, I would get at least 20 working days a year holiday and then most weekends would be pretty much work free.

Nowadays (and I’m really NOT complaining), it’s a couple of weeks a year that I manage to step completely away from the music and the 24/7 preoccupation with the black art!

BUT, March 2020 I am off…back to the mother land and nary a single music making device to be had.  3 weeks, 3 days, and 17.5 hours – MUSIC FREE!!!?! I’ll report back on how I survive.

Meanwhile, here’s the Feb quota (minus the one collaboration, that is still being collaborated upon):

An eclectic bunch these, ranging from organic techno (01), through circus music (02), to disco pop (03) and funky techno (04)…enjoy.

I’ll be back in the studio seat late March, refreshed and firing for some more music.

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