Seven Year Itch? Nah!

Seven years ago, I took the plunge and, after almost 15 years in the finance industry, dived headlong into the joys of music. The best decision I ever made. I’d would love to have made more progress in those 7 years, but I have also come to realise that this is not destination gig, but a lifelong journey gig!

Weird that as the 7 year milestone rolls around and my #1 goal of “Play more gigs” is ever more present….I can’t – even if I could find promoters to book me ;=)

So, it’s over to the online streaming thing. I did an hour set earlier in the week, that also trialled a new way that people can donate through something called CloudBar…check it out here, and look out for it on any of the streams you follow.

I chose Support Act as the charity for my last feed – they are going to need plenty of help in the next while. Check them out!

Here’s link to my last feed in case you missed it – more coming up in the next few weeks.

Other than the streaming, it’s just more music production with 4 new tracks and 2 collaborations in the working basket….watch out for them dropping towards the end of the month.

And yes, of course…another release coming out 10 April. Here’s a video preview of Jazz Train, get it on pre-order now:


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