Jam for money!

Actually, it’s more just – jam for jam. Not too much to report this month. Lock-downs has put paid to any great goals I had in trying to secure some live gigs in Sydney for this month, and the other great goal of “live gigs in Rome” is a distant memory….

Still, I have had a fair amount of time in the studio…especially the whole month of an enforced hermit lifestyle (interrupted by the occasional unavoidable Zoom call!!). Apart from my usual producing (that went ok…4 tracks “sort-of” finished – get them here), I’ve had some good fun doing a weekly online live slot with DJTV Sydney I’ve set myself the goal of not repeating any tracks (why do I do these things???) and so far have played 58 original tracks live, I’ll hit 70 this Monday!!

Here’s a link to my last session where I jammed all the tracks that I was in the process of trying to finish…quite loose, but definitely improvised!

Tune in at 8pm Sydney AEST this Monday (4 May) for the next session.

Ok, that’s me – off to get started on May’s new music!!

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