I Jammed the Machine!

…not to be confused with ‘I jammed the Maschine” (geeky in-house joke).

Being the process nerd that I am, I use a very systematic way of writing music, complete with Kanban wall (yeah, I know??) – here’s a pic of part of the “Pottz Music Machine”. Those in the software business will be groaning right now.

In May, I ran into a few problems with the well-oiled Machine. I over-loaded it and it jammed.

I usually have 5 tracks in work-in-progress state throughout the month, but last month I went a bit crazy and had my normal 5 tracks, plus a collaboration track, plus another 5 tracks I was getting ready to play live, PLUS another 5 tracks I was developing in a creative course I was doing and……BOOM!

LOG JAM! And nothing was getting through and I was just getting stressed. So that’s why there’s no music from last month.

I’ve chucked a bunch of material back into my Sketchbook, ready to be picked up in future months and am cracking on with getting the machine flowing again…new music and live streams will resume very shortly.

(Anyone who wants to get their own “music machine” up and running should sign up with Mike Monday‘s The Leap course. He helped me take the pretty basic music machine I had developed and ratchet it up to a whole new level).

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