Bases Loaded!!

Well that’s half of 2020 blown! Everyone having fun so far? My plans for 2020, like most people’s, have been someone destroyed so I ‘ve taken a few months to reset…I would pivot (buzz word of the month)…but, my ankles…

I started off the Covid Staycation with a few (9 all up) live shows on DJTV Sydney, you can catch the recorded streams on my YouTube Channel. A lot of fun playing all my original tracks and clocked up 100 tracks without a repeat!

Then I dropped all that to refocus on getting the music production engine working…and that’s why the Bases are Loaded….or maybe the ‘phono is stacked…

I completed 9 tracks over May and June (check them out on SoundCloud), which is a bit below my target, but I’m pretty happy since I was also pretty flat out with the DJTV shows right then.

So….what’s coming for the 2nd half of 2020. Well…

Pottz on 10 & 20: will be my twice monthly live shows on….(you guessed) 10th and 20th of each month. That way the days will shift around each month. I’ll be putting on an 1-1.5 hr live stream, and trying to inject some new ideas into this medium…seeing that we are likely to be stuck with it for some time. Twitch seems to be the best user experience so I’ll be steering viewers there, but will also be on YouTube and Facebook. Bookmark the next event on Friday 10 July at 8:00pm (AEST).

Monthly Releases: will be kicking off from July again (although July likely to be a little delayed…late start on prep). July’s release will be my track Tech? No, Jazz! which I’ve been playing live for 2 years now and always goes down well…time for a studio release.

Much more music: I’ve got my music production process humming again, so should be having the regular stream of new music through to the Incubator from this month. What is the Incubator? Well, it’s where all my completed music goes to stew for a while before I decide whether I want to release it, and/or set it up for Live playing. It’s all my music that hangs out on SoundCloud.

Ok – that’s all for now, I’ve got a bit of work to crack on with.

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