The best thing about COVID-19…

…also happens to be the worst thing about COVID 19!

My biggest stress I have as a musician is the continual battle to land live gigs. It’s my #1 goal every year – “Play to more people, more often…LIVE!” It’s a hard enough mission, even for seasoned DJs to hunt down more gigs, but as a live electronic music performer, it’s even tougher.

Well, the good thing is, there are no gigs…so there is no stress trying to get ’em. BUT, there are NO GIGS!

So, everything feels a little surreal in the music space right now. I started off the COVID period doing weekly live shows on DJTV Sydney, which was great fun, but I found my producing throughput was under huge strain. So, I’ve cut it back to 2x a month (every 10th and 20th) and am still hammering away at cranking out the tunes (‘hammering’ and ‘cranking’?? too many metaphors?).

July was a bit experimental with new music. Find the July Collection here.

I did a free jazz piano thing to a techy background vibe with Berlin Jazz Bar. Pop Corning just refused to be beaten into ‘finished’ submission, although it has some good elements that I’ll come back and wrap up some day. Not Far from Here is a Deep Forest-esque vibe with floaty voices and guitars. The guitars come out again for Spacey Bassey with a plaintive synthy bass riff underpinning some flamenco style plucking. I threw out the ‘must-work-in-a-live-dance-environment’ requirement and just experimented with letting the music flow….some interesting results.

And so the dry-July productive experiment comes to an end, and I am already well into the August collection – planning 7 new tracks this month. All of them are looking like Techno-esque live dance numbers (in anticipation of a gig I was meant to have mid-August…sadly looking unlikely given current situation…sniff).

Until then…

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