Is that finished?

Is that track finished? …it’s a question that I am regularly asking myself and a question producers all around the world are asking the same.

And the answer depends on what the music “is finished for”? Every month I finish a bunch of tracks because they are complete enough that they have revealed their true form. What’s that mean?

  • Is the music ready for release? No, I don’t even know yet whether I will release it.
  • Is the music ready to play Live? No, that decision, whether I think the track will work live is also yet to be taken.
  • Is the music ready to let other people hear it? Yeah, why not? So often I put my work-in-progress music out to the public and tracks I am not sure about, get great feedback…and vice versa.
    …and that’s why for over 7 years now, I have published virtually every piece of music I write on SoundCloud.

So catch the latest Audio Antics from September over on SoundCloud:

5 new tracks which, who knows, may even end up in my next live set, or an up coming release….once I “finish them” just a little bit more.

That’s all for this month – enjoy.

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