That’s it – I’m done with producing music!

Ok, ok, guilty as charged! Classic click-bait heading.

Well at least for the 1st 3 weeks of October, I had to put the music game on hold to make sure that the income stream gig was working.

What? You mean you don’t make a living out of music???

No, unfortunately…I have to do some stock trading stuff on the side to keep me in the way I have become accustomed, and needed to do a whole backend systems rejig to keep it working.

Soooo….there is no new music this month. I do have 4 tracks that are really close to done, and I was going to rush them through for the end of the month, but decided just to have a coasting month end.

I did spend a fair amount of free time playing around with my live set so it wasn’t a complete lost month, and have not incorporated some cool new effects into the set using my new controller toys – the Midifighter 3D, and the Midifighter Twister. Here’s a little snippet of them in action:

That was while rehearsing for my 2nd for the month live show – Pottz n Pans. Catch the last one here:

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