One Good thing about 2020!

It’s a Low Bar!

There’s not a helluva lot good to say about 2020, but it sure is going to be a low bar to soar over in 2021!

Usually with my end of year Musical Notes post, I do a bit of a Report Card on how I’ve done in my musical goals in the previous year….well not this year. Like most things, the annual report has been cancelled due to lack of interest!

The ONE thing I did stick to in terms of goals was my daily SPLURGING that I described in my June 1 Post – I Jammed the Machine! As a result I have ~250 new musical ideas stored away in my ‘Sketchbook’ ready to be discovered whenever I want to complete some more music. As a creative tool, doing this daily habit has been an absolute gamechanger in the music production process…thanks!

I also usually come out in my December posts with my next year’s goals…not this year. I’m just going to let 2020 die with a whimper and have a quiet think about what I want to try achieve in 2021…all will be revealed during January.

Happy New (and hopefully different) Year!

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