Pottz, On Track!

Here we are, 1 quarter into 2021! And what to show for it all?

Well, the weekly Band Camp releases are going well. Catch them all here.

If you sign up as a supporter (or you already are), you can get all my tracks as free downloads (well, almost free (the best BandCamp lets me do is a 95% discount on $1…5c ain’t bad?)

12 tracks in and plenty more coming.

So, it’s time to get some live feed action happening again.

So….I’ll be kicking off a weekly live jam of the most recent track (or an earlier one, if the latest doesn’t quite cut it), every Monday, as part of my On Track weekly show that will kick off 5th April…keep an eye on the socials for those invites. Then the last Monday of every month, I will do a 1hr live show of the tracks from that month (plus a few old favourites). Yes, it’s Pottz ‘n Pans coming back, but this time only once a month (last Monday).

And then it’s still the never-ending battle to try get some live gigs. Yeah, me and the rest of Australia/Sydney. It’s a battle under normal circumstance to get some live opportunities, and even more so now that COVID has decimated the gig scene. I completely get that the old regulars will (and should) get first bites at the cherry…hopefully soon I’ll get some opportunities to have a play.

Otherwise I’m just gonna throw my own party…watch this space around July!!!

And that’s the 1st quarter…DONE!

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