How is 2021 going for you???

Look, it’s not 2020, but it’s a close second…Sydney is at least starting to get some momentum. I still really feel for the poor punters down in Melbourne and also those in Sydney who had gigs canned at the last minute when we had BBQ man saga! (Minor COVID outbreak for the non-Aussies).

So, I had my first paid gig of 2021….Whoot! An intimate little affair with close friends and family and a few welcome prancers. Still, I had a ball playing at a great event that I think will get some serious momentum going forward, and one that really picked up (soon after I finished😒) . For those who still don’t believe I work, here’s the proof:

Grabbing a few knobs at the Burdekin

Apart from that, I’m cranking out my Release a Week – Project RAW for 2021, and you can grab all the new music on BandCamp right here:

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed the 2 gaps between RAW 18 and 21….yeah, I know! They’re coming soon…need to catch up after being laid low with gastro and a trip to visit friends and family in New Zealand (no connection!).

Also I am trying to move my whole creative focus to the live space….as I have always done. So these days, I do a live online jam of tracks I am working on, to work out what I will do with the tracks (or what the tracks will do with me). Here’s an example from this weeks creation…some acidy, trancey techno (you can see I am ALL over the genre-classifications).

And that’s about about it for now. Hopefully we’ll have some gigs to report…soon!

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