2021 – Halfway ALREADY!!!

Wow!  That’s half of 2021 blown away already!  And what to show for it??

Well, my R.A.W. (Release A Week) tracks are going well (yes, that IS an irritating gif!).  I have 2 tracks that will go out this week which will pretty much have me up to date with a weekly release to BandCamp – where you can stream or download all this music:

And as for gigs….well?

The best thing about COVID and resulting lockdowns is that I am spared the angst of not being able to get any live gigs…cos no-one has them.  I still feel for all those in the industry who depend on gigs, not just for their financial well being, but also mental well being.

And so it’s streaming that is left.  Followers will have seen my daily (weekdays that is) streaming practice that I have kicked off – Every Day I Stream 😜!  This is a live feed of my creative process in practice.  I have been trialling a new way of creating music where I take an initial spark of an idea (which would have been formed sometimes months ago in 30 minute early morning creative ‘splurges’), then jam in live real-time and see what emerges.  Sometimes they work well and other times…?  Well, let’s say that othertimes the exercise is less productive…

Here’s a recent one called ‘Micro Mouse‘ which (imho) went well.  I had shedloads of funs…which is the main thing!  Watch out for this release coming out in a week or so on BandCamp.


Tune in daily via Facebook, Twitch or YouTube.  I’ll also be lining up to do some more Pottz shows with a full line-up…stay tuned.

And so, that’s it for ‘halfway through 2021’.

As my music coach (Mike Monday) is known to say – ‘Onwards and Upwards’

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