Dry July? Awesome idea!

Well, that’s the Dry July social experiment done for another year. What a stupid idea! (this year). “Dry July” + “COVID Lockdown” = Bad Situation.

Especially since, I did not feel better, did not lose any weight, and STILL had a few mornings of hangovers! Crazy!

Anyhow, this is meant to be all about the Pottz music, so I should talk about that. Plenty of new tunes out this month with my weekly releases to BandCamp:

Check out the R.A.W. 21 – Techpah (Live Mix), it’s going to be part of a compilation being put out by Music for Change. With the “first release, raising funds for 1800RESPECT and their partners”, check in with them for the release date for a worthy cause and plenty of great music from local producers.

Also I have some more live (streaming) gigs coming up. The 1st weekend of August I’ll be playing in the latest SYNTHFEST.online (a free monthly international interactive electronic live music streaming event) event. Details will follow on the socials. Plenty of great live electronic music from around the world to tune into.

And of course the daily (weekdays) streams will continue on Facebook, Twitch and Youtube, connect on any of those platforms to notified whenever I am live.

Hope to catch you online at one of these events.

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