Happy New Year

So we’re back at that point again? The start of a new year. Usually I would be doing a whole summary of the wins and challenges for the past year, goals hit, goals missed etc, etc. But this year I think I’m just gonna float into the new year pretty contentedly and not get too excited about all the goal setting malarchy.

March 2022 will mark 9 years since I stepped off the corporate hamster wheel to work at what I love, so that’s a headline goal that I think stands on its own.

But don’t worry, all the targets, and KPIs and goal setting and moonshotting will still happen. I’ve got to give myself something to stress about afterall.

What I can say now is that the 2022 goal will consist of getting a lot more of this:

…with a lot more of these:

…and maybe a touch more of that:

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