Long Overdue Catch up…

No, not a social catchup, but rather a catch up with the year!!

It’s only February and I already feel behind. I’m not quite sure what I’m behind in, as I haven’t even got it together to work out what 2022’s music goals are gonna be. I’m certainly behind in my basic aim to finish a new track every week as the (meant-to-be) ever growing album cover will attest:

Only 2 blocks done – when it should be five by now with my weekly release day of Friday. You can grab these 2 tracks on BandCamp and the other 3 are not too far behind – R.A.W. 2022 | Steve Pottz (bandcamp.com).

That’s about it for now, motivation is at a low ebb. Especially with gig potential being shattered until end of February, and a scheduled gig at the Spice Cadets mini fest for the last weekend of February postponed, it’s all a little …..Blah!

Never fear, I’m gonna use Feb to get the sh!t together and come out blazing at my next post…watch this space.

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