Cover me, I’m going in!!

Ok, it’s time to get serious….musically!

Enough moping around under cover of COVID bemoaning the state of the entertainment industry and generally just not getting myself firing up like I do most years (at least in the beginning).

We’re now 1/3 of the way through 2022 and the motivation quagmire has persisted….




So in 2022 I will:

  1. Release a track a week to BandCamp (My Release A Week R.A.W. series, where one un-mastered track is released every Friday). This, at least, I have been doing well this year so far.
  2. Do an official track release a month via Fine Tune Records label from June – December (to all the usual digital platforms)
  3. Play a gig a month for every month from June-December (even if I have to organise my own parties to do that). It’s gonna get interesting in November and December in Rome!!
  4. Resume my Every Day I Stream live streaming series, where I play a musical game live, whilst creating new music, perfecting old tunes, or just rehearsing live! I’ll commit to that for May and see if I’m still getting the huge value and enjoyment I got out of it when I did it for over 3 months in 2021.
  5. Play 5 gigs at Burning Man (US)
  6. Arrange to play 2 gigs in Rome between October ’22 and Jan ’23

There! I’ve said it. That wasn’t so bad! 😊

Now I’ve gotta go and do it…..Eek!😨

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