Bad weather stops Play

Or something like that. I have to find some reason for falling behind on music tasks, and the weather is a pretty apt excuse right now.

A week behind on my monthly Musical Notes (this post), and 5 days behind on my weekly BandCamp track. It’s the 3 extra layers of clothing I have to wear to survive in the studio!

But we’re all good now. This post is done and my weekly track is OUT!. Check out Activity Hive on BandCamp (it’s everything my music progress isn’t -Hive of Activity….get it?). I had quite a bit of fun with this one, and I think it will translate well into a track for my live set. In fact I think it needs a few live jams to really come into it’s own.

Also I’ve been keeping up with my daily live streams of work I’m doing in the studio on my live set. You can check out the daily streams on my What’s Cookin’ in the Pottz Studio YouTube playlist. The main focus is on the music I am putting together to take to the 2022 Burning Man in Nevada…only 11 weeks to go! Eek!

And that’s about everything that’s keeping me busy right now! ‘What about the live gigs you said you were organising’? I hear you say!….SHUT-UP! (is there a guilty emoji?)

Till next month!

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