5-5-5! A win if I was playing the Pokies?

55 years old young on the 5th of December! Eek! That’s a shit load of Fives. No longer can I claim to be in my ‘early fifties’. You don’t get much more mid-fifties than 55.

Still I don’t feel 55! Hmmmm? Can’t even really claim that anymore these days, was what I was thinking as I creaked and groaned my way through my Ashtanga yoga session on the morning of my birthday.

Ok, that’s enough ‘old-dude’ carrying on. More importantly, what’s happening with the Pottz music? I’m still in Rome and unfortunately, the likelihood of getting any live music opportunities is looking increasingly obscure. Partly due to the severe lack of suitable venues (COVID to blame, as well as Italian shitty licensing rules), and partly due to me just not getting myself going early enough. (I blame old age 😊). It’s hard enough as it is getting Live gigs in this DJ-centric world, but trying it in a new foreign country is even more trickly. Some serious advanced ‘marketing’ is needed to have any chance. Oh well, some things to bear in mind for future sabbaticals.

The Weekly BandCamp releases are still going well and I should get to the end of 2022 with 52 of those in the bag – at last a win!!!

So really the next month is going to be spent devising a new musical plan for 2023 to ensure I can get a few more runs on the musical board than were achieved for 2022 – definitely my biggest slump year since I started the full-time music lark (I blame COVID….. and old age 😊….joking).

So my next Musical Notes monthly post will be on 1 January with some lofty musical goals to get me fired up for 2023…watch this space.

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