I’m Making an Album! THIS is why…

I played a set this last weekend where 80% of the music was brand new….just produced and made it to the ‘Release to BandCamp’ level. I spend 2 weeks putting together the raw stems I would need to improvise these tracks live….and then did it!

The goal, to real-time road test if any of this music should be on my next album. Some are ‘sure-ins’ (a), others not (b), and then others are likely to be in, but need work (c). And the hurdle to get in???


  1. Did I have a shit load of fun playing them live?
  2. Did the result of improvising that track live represent what I want to put out into the world musically
  3. [Most importantly] Did other people ‘get it’!

See which of these tracks do you think were in the (a), (b) and (c) categories above…

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