10oo10k January Monthly Mix

Eleven tracks hand-picked from the 10,000  January releases

There was no way I could cull any more of my short-list selection this month, so there’s eleven cracking Techno and Tech House tracks.

Fave for this month has to be Sweetner (Get Right) by Demarzo, it kicks this mix along nicely at


10oo10k September Monthly Mix (plus a live feed!)

10 tracks hand-picked from the 10,000 September releases
A mixed bag this month ranging from some darker techno, right through to something a little disco (almost). Check out Last Night by Beni, Prince Terrence, something about it just grabbed me, so it had to go into the mix, albeit a little different to the rest of the tracks.

And finally, I have got around to doing my very first live Facebook feed. These will be coming out monthly from now on, and will replace the Pottz Panned videos I used to put out before. The concept, though, is the same, to be honing my live set by putting out videos in real ‘LIVE’ settings. You don’t get too much more real than posting live to Facebook. Click the gif alongside to play on Youtube (https://youtu.be/t_ViBFpOsTM).

10oo10k July Monthly Mix

10 tracks hand-picked from the 10,000  July releases

Some more techno for you.  Starting off with the somewhat wistful Lay Down byKalyma, things quickly get a lot more serious.  I’m quite enjoying the Joseph CapriatiRemix of Dubfire  & Oliver Huntermann’s Terra this month.


10oo10k October Monthly Mix

10 tracks hand-picked from the 10,000 Beatport October releases
…only it isn’t.

A bit of a cheat this month – dastardly invasive work commitments have meant that my music time has been eroded and I have not been able to trawl through the BeatPort bins to give you the ‘best of’… for the month.

But, what I have done, is put together a little Pottz Party mix, of some of the groovier tracks I’ve put out over the last few months.

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10oo10k August Monthly Mix

10 tracks hand-picked from the 10,000 Beatport August releases

15th of the month, so it’s time for a little techno mix.  10 of the best from the August Beatport releases.

A few tougher tracks this month, but Tor by Extremely Loud is my pick for the month, with its understated squelchy drive.

Jolgorio by Jaceo brings something a little more tech house with a great world music feel.

10oo10k June Monthly Mix

10 tracks hand-picked from the 10,000 Beatport June releases

Whew, the 15th of the month rolls around too quickly – time for my June monthly mix.

Still a strong techno bent to this month’s mix.  Starting off with a real slow burner with Marko Furstenberg Remix of Freund Der Familie’s Monday, to really lull you into the techno mood.

Cruel World by Fabio Florido is by far my top track for this month.  It just rolls along in such a cruisy groove.

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Want to know what these 10oo10k mixes are all about, have a look at the 1st release in February.

10oo10k Monthly Mix – March 2015

So, here we are again. 10 tracks culled from the 10,000+ that get churned out on Beat Port every month (in this genre). The good tracks are there, you just need to wade through the rubbish to find them…or, of course you can have me do that for you every month (subscribe to my site and you’ll get them each month). A techno collection again this month, with Paride Saraceni’s remix of Reflective by Uto Karem, really hitting the mark for me. And then of course there’s the relentless beat of Robert Babicz’s Aural Phase. Enjoy…play it loud!