10oo10k September Monthly Mix (plus a live feed!)

10 tracks hand-picked from the 10,000 September releases
A mixed bag this month ranging from some darker techno, right through to something a little disco (almost). Check out Last Night by Beni, Prince Terrence, something about it just grabbed me, so it had to go into the mix, albeit a little different to the rest of the tracks.

And finally, I have got around to doing my very first live Facebook feed. These will be coming out monthly from now on, and will replace the Pottz Panned videos I used to put out before. The concept, though, is the same, to be honing my live set by putting out videos in real ‘LIVE’ settings. You don’t get too much more real than posting live to Facebook. Click the gif alongside to play on Youtube (https://youtu.be/t_ViBFpOsTM).

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