Living it – Live!

So, 18 months ago I got to play my first ever proper live set at Techno-Live @Club 77, and had a total ball.

12 months after that I got a message from one of the people in the crowd, saying that he had seen me play, and that I had inspired him to get it together to do the Live thing… well, that was Tom Budin who now does his live act with Hocus.

I’m super excited to once more be returning to Club77 for some more live music, and to share the stage with Hocus.

Support Live music (…and of course all the awesome DJ sets)!!!

September Monthly Notes

Well, end of another month. I’ve got a bunch of new tracks (5), but they’re all JUST about finished and with a long weekend looming, they’re going to spill over into October. So time to get out the one that is finished.

This one’s called HUM and it’s a jazzy, playful little house tune. This one’s available for download so head over to SoundCloud to grab it.

You may have noticed the Pottz Panned videos have disappeared?? Well, I have no further excuses, having received all the technical gadgetry I need to run a proper live feed. So watch out for my first ever live feed of one of my tracks in October.

September has been a busy month. There’s the usual selection of new music to listen to, but this month, there’re a few differences. I wrote a new track for the Strawberry Fields Festival and CDR project competition. A great compo that required using at least one of a bunch of samples provided and maintaining the Strawberry Fields ethos. Check out my offering Fields of Waves.

Something else I started this month was a creative project that required me to write a bunch of tracks with different influences and inspirations. It’s called Project Godard and my explorations can be found in the Project Godard Playlist (expect a varied array). Watch out for my Kanye West inspired hip hop track out next month, entitled Blah, Blah, Blah…hopefully with video.

And, of course, the usual monthly tracks. So, 7 new musical musings for the month.

Also, I played a 1h45 Live set at the launch of Yoke Magazine which was a great opportunity to get some Steve Potz out there to the spiritual set.

Finally, the big news is that at the end of October, the first Fine Tune Records release will happen with the Steve Pottz debut EP – Sydney Summertime, coming out on Beatport, iTune, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Shazam and a slew of other digital distributors. A very exciting milestone, getting the record label set-up and music finally making commercial release (time to start saving?).



June Monthly Tracks are out

6 new tracks for you to stream or Download

The first month end for Pottz Posts and I have 6 new tracks for you.

A mixed bag this month ranging from the techier June Bug, to a nod to one of my earlier influences with a meandering Pink Floyd style piece in Messing About with Hallucinogenics.

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10oo10k May Monthly Mix

10 tracks hand-picked from the 10,000 Beatport May releases

It’s the 15th of the month so it’s time for the May monthly mix.

Some great tunes this month. Loving the warm insistent bass of Hour after Hour by Kollektiv Turmstrasse (I can still remember the 1st time I heard their music set to Fantasia 2000 video in this YouTube video – very cool).

Calling Juarez by Lutzenkirchen funks things up with some quirky trumpets. Then Red Whore by Phuture Traxx really takes it home with some driving, deep sounds – perfect running music.