Happy New Year

So we’re back at that point again? The start of a new year. Usually I would be doing a whole summary of the wins and challenges for the past year, goals hit, goals missed etc, etc. But this year I think I’m just gonna float into the new year pretty contentedly and not get too excited about all the goal setting malarchy.

March 2022 will mark 9 years since I stepped off the corporate hamster wheel to work at what I love, so that’s a headline goal that I think stands on its own.

But don’t worry, all the targets, and KPIs and goal setting and moonshotting will still happen. I’ve got to give myself something to stress about afterall.

What I can say now is that the 2022 goal will consist of getting a lot more of this:

…with a lot more of these:

…and maybe a touch more of that:

Lawyers practice Law, I practice Music…

So many people say they don’t know what I do. The subtext is – they don’t know what I do all day ‘working’ in my studio.

Well, I’ve decided that I will say I’m practicing music from now on. Because that is basically what it is. Practicing producing new tunes, with a view to producing a high volume and, over time, just trying to get each track a bit better than that the one before, or not to make the same mistakes as I made in the track before. It’s a long slow process with few bit leaps in improvement, normally small increments that add up over time.

It’s the same with practicing my live act, practicing the live streams, practicing the communications with supporters and soon-to-be supporters, practicing trying to get more live gigs (my constant pain!).

And today I got some reinforcement that all that practice is yielding results. Small results, and small results over long periods. I got my Spotify artist Unwrapped year in review. The numbers are still paltry (I’ll include them in my end of year musical notes), but the main thing is they are better than 2020 numbers! Onwards and Upwards…slowly!

Release-A-Week (R.A.W) is on track (sic) with week 49’s track coming out tomorrow. Watch the socials for that release or follow me on BandCamp to make sure you’re in the loop.

That’s all for this month, back to practicing. Practice makes Perfect Constant Improvement!

Where can I get your music?

…is a question I get asked quite often. Sooooo… here you go:

The best place to go is BandCamp. There you will find all my BandCamp releases (music that is only released to BandCamp) as well as my official Fine Tune Records releases (these are also released to all the usual digital platforms – Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc).

So, how much does it cost if I want to download?

Well, all the music is on there at $1 for a download. You can play the tracks in BandCamp for free, but obviously getting them into your library is much more convenient.

But, anyone who is a signed up fan (you can do it here), gets a discount coupon that saves you 95%…you only pay 5c!

It’s as easy as that. If you want any of my older music from before 2020 (I’m still in the process of uploading that all to BandCamp), head over to SoundCloud where you can grab what you want. If you find something you want to download that is locked, let me know and I can arrange a copy for you.

So, that’s all the news for October’s Musical Notes.


So close to end of lockdown and you and almost taste it!


I’m one of those miserable gits who has actually quite enjoyed lockdown, this recent one and previous.


Well firstly lockdowns mean I get to do 7 days a week, 24/7 studio time without needing to invent creative excuses as to why I cannot go out. Well almost 24/7. Ms Pottz gets a little grumpy if I don’t emerge from the studio every now and again.

Secondly, lockdowns remove the only major stress I have musically, and that is trying to secure the next gig! That’s always a major stress and a sweat especially as a “I’m not a DJ” Live performer. In lockdown, I have as many gigs as the most sought after DJs….NONE!

So here we go with some level of normalcy returning (and already a gig locked in for December). Whoot, whoot. I have shedloads of new tunes I’ve been working on during this down time that I am bringing into the live set repertoire so keep your eyes and ears open for any new shows.

And of course the monthly release funnel is locked and loaded with Cumbiatto just out 30 September, and plenty more due out the end of every month:

Have a look around BandCamp for this Fune Tune Records release as well as my weekly R.A.W. (Release A Week) tracks.


And just like that, Spring has sprung! Time to shake off those Winter shackles and get out into the world, plan some parties, grab tickets to a few festivals and plan the summer sojourn…

Oh, wait!

Back in your box!

Anyhow, now I have everyone suitably depressed, onto all things music.

I’ve finally got myself back onto the release schedule after stumbling around March last year (my previously last release…what was happening around then??). I have a ready store of great tracks to get out, and am back onto my monthly release program, with a Fine Tune Records release on the last Friday of every month. And that kicked off with a release on Friday 27 August of Tech? No, Jazz!

Out on all digital download and streaming platforms, but hit me up on the BandCamp link above for the most artist-friendly destination. September’s release is in the pipeline for release on 24 September.

Meanwhile my Release-A-Week (R.A.W.) exclusive to BandCamp is tracking (sic) well, with RAW33 and RAW34 out today…which is just as well considering we’re in week 35 of 2021! Get them all on BandCamp.

And in lieu of any gigs or parties, it’s time once more for a Pottz full-length live set. Keep an eye on the socials for a Spring Party this month.

Dry July? Awesome idea!

Well, that’s the Dry July social experiment done for another year. What a stupid idea! (this year). “Dry July” + “COVID Lockdown” = Bad Situation.

Especially since, I did not feel better, did not lose any weight, and STILL had a few mornings of hangovers! Crazy!

Anyhow, this is meant to be all about the Pottz music, so I should talk about that. Plenty of new tunes out this month with my weekly releases to BandCamp:

Check out the R.A.W. 21 – Techpah (Live Mix), it’s going to be part of a compilation being put out by Music for Change. With the “first release, raising funds for 1800RESPECT and their partners”, check in with them for the release date for a worthy cause and plenty of great music from local producers.

Also I have some more live (streaming) gigs coming up. The 1st weekend of August I’ll be playing in the latest SYNTHFEST.online (a free monthly international interactive electronic live music streaming event) event. Details will follow on the socials. Plenty of great live electronic music from around the world to tune into.

And of course the daily (weekdays) streams will continue on Facebook, Twitch and Youtube, connect on any of those platforms to notified whenever I am live.

Hope to catch you online at one of these events.

2021 – Halfway ALREADY!!!

Wow!  That’s half of 2021 blown away already!  And what to show for it??

Well, my R.A.W. (Release A Week) tracks are going well (yes, that IS an irritating gif!).  I have 2 tracks that will go out this week which will pretty much have me up to date with a weekly release to BandCamp – where you can stream or download all this music:

And as for gigs….well?

The best thing about COVID and resulting lockdowns is that I am spared the angst of not being able to get any live gigs…cos no-one has them.  I still feel for all those in the industry who depend on gigs, not just for their financial well being, but also mental well being.

And so it’s streaming that is left.  Followers will have seen my daily (weekdays that is) streaming practice that I have kicked off – Every Day I Stream 😜!  This is a live feed of my creative process in practice.  I have been trialling a new way of creating music where I take an initial spark of an idea (which would have been formed sometimes months ago in 30 minute early morning creative ‘splurges’), then jam in live real-time and see what emerges.  Sometimes they work well and other times…?  Well, let’s say that othertimes the exercise is less productive…

Here’s a recent one called ‘Micro Mouse‘ which (imho) went well.  I had shedloads of funs…which is the main thing!  Watch out for this release coming out in a week or so on BandCamp.


Tune in daily via Facebook, Twitch or YouTube.  I’ll also be lining up to do some more Pottz shows with a full line-up…stay tuned.

And so, that’s it for ‘halfway through 2021’.

As my music coach (Mike Monday) is known to say – ‘Onwards and Upwards’

How is 2021 going for you???

Look, it’s not 2020, but it’s a close second…Sydney is at least starting to get some momentum. I still really feel for the poor punters down in Melbourne and also those in Sydney who had gigs canned at the last minute when we had BBQ man saga! (Minor COVID outbreak for the non-Aussies).

So, I had my first paid gig of 2021….Whoot! An intimate little affair with close friends and family and a few welcome prancers. Still, I had a ball playing at a great event that I think will get some serious momentum going forward, and one that really picked up (soon after I finished😒) . For those who still don’t believe I work, here’s the proof:

Grabbing a few knobs at the Burdekin

Apart from that, I’m cranking out my Release a Week – Project RAW for 2021, and you can grab all the new music on BandCamp right here:

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed the 2 gaps between RAW 18 and 21….yeah, I know! They’re coming soon…need to catch up after being laid low with gastro and a trip to visit friends and family in New Zealand (no connection!).

Also I am trying to move my whole creative focus to the live space….as I have always done. So these days, I do a live online jam of tracks I am working on, to work out what I will do with the tracks (or what the tracks will do with me). Here’s an example from this weeks creation…some acidy, trancey techno (you can see I am ALL over the genre-classifications).

And that’s about about it for now. Hopefully we’ll have some gigs to report…soon!

Pottz, On Track!

Here we are, 1 quarter into 2021! And what to show for it all?

Well, the weekly Band Camp releases are going well. Catch them all here.

If you sign up as a supporter (or you already are), you can get all my tracks as free downloads (well, almost free (the best BandCamp lets me do is a 95% discount on $1…5c ain’t bad?)

12 tracks in and plenty more coming.

So, it’s time to get some live feed action happening again.

So….I’ll be kicking off a weekly live jam of the most recent track (or an earlier one, if the latest doesn’t quite cut it), every Monday, as part of my On Track weekly show that will kick off 5th April…keep an eye on the socials for those invites. Then the last Monday of every month, I will do a 1hr live show of the tracks from that month (plus a few old favourites). Yes, it’s Pottz ‘n Pans coming back, but this time only once a month (last Monday).

And then it’s still the never-ending battle to try get some live gigs. Yeah, me and the rest of Australia/Sydney. It’s a battle under normal circumstance to get some live opportunities, and even more so now that COVID has decimated the gig scene. I completely get that the old regulars will (and should) get first bites at the cherry…hopefully soon I’ll get some opportunities to have a play.

Otherwise I’m just gonna throw my own party…watch this space around July!!!

And that’s the 1st quarter…DONE!

Get your R.A.W. produce free (almost…)

So, you’ve probably seen my weekly social posts over the last few weeks (every Friday), where I am putting out a Release A Week (RAW) to BandCamp?

Well, supporters get access to download all those releases, 52 for 2021, for FREE! Almost, the biggest discount code I can attach is 95%, so 5c is pretty much free?

Sign up as a supporter here and you’ll not only get a free download mix of some reason tracks I’ve picked out, but you’ll also get the download code to get the discount on all my BandCamp releases this year. AND…when any of these releases make it through to official release with full mastering, you’ll get the new fresh master…totally Free!
They’re starting to build up already so come along to BandCamp and have a listen…