The first edition of Pottz Panned (no, I am not wearing leg warmers!!)

So here it is – the first Pottz Panned.

What is it?  Well, every month I will be doing a single-take, live recording of one my tracks and posting it up here for all.  You will see the style of music that my live show comprises, complete with the little surprises that come from truly playing live – some of the surprises are good and some are…well, different.

For those who’re more from the performing rather than listening/watching side of the camp, I’m happy to get into any discussion on live set-ups, configurations, tips and ideas and will be posting some more on that later (strictly for the geeks in the class). Getting a live electronic set-up that works is like learning a whole new instrument – along with the 10,000 hours it takes to then perfect it… Pottz Panned will track that journey.

This first edition is a live take of my track ‘The Dance’ from my November ’14 collection.  The original was quite tribally, but this live take gets all a little loose and jazzy…enjoy.

(PS – those are not leg warmers I am wearing, they are my very cool (warm), fur-lined Japanese boots….cold studio)

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