Pottz Panned to go 100% Live…now it gets real!

Yes I know, the 15th of the month has come and gone and there has been no Pottz Panned – the monthly live video of one of my tracks.

Well, I have a very valid excuse reason this month.  I have decided that from now on my monthly videos will be streamed live on Facebook Live Video. Sure you will lose the high quality 3 camera edits that you have grown used to, and the various other  video gimmickry I’ve deployed before, but it will be 100% LIVE.

It was always my intention with these monthly videos to have a forum for ongoing improvement of my live material, with the intention to get some live gigs.  Well, it’s time to really put it out there.

I’m just waiting for the delivery of a little piece of hardware that will ensure that the sound quality is good…and I’ll get July’s post out there (at this stage I’m thinking of posting it live to the  Tech House Australia FB Group…maybe some more international sites thereafter.

Here’s  little tester I did (with sub-par quality…audio gizmo still en route).

Or here on Facebook.




Keeping the music playing…just

So, one month of 2016 is gone, and I’m afraid Steve Pottz is still stuck in the corporate salt mines. But there is some music on the horizon (see a sample of my next release below).

First Statement of Revenue – With some good news, my first statement came in from my digital distributor, and …I am making money from music!! Not quite at the stage of having Made Music My Life, but a start. So big thanks to all those who have supported and bought my music online. If anyone else is still looking get some of my tracks, here are some links to the last 2 releases:

Sydney Summertime EP
(Also on all other major distributors)

Been Missin’ You

Fine Tune Records is also lining up for its next release with a Deep House version of the classic South African jazz track – Mannenberg. Here’s a taster of what’s to come:

I’m afraid, that’s it for this month. A few more months like this and I will be back at the musical grindstone, turning out some more cranking tunes. Until next time – cheers

Steve Pottz

The first edition of Pottz Panned (no, I am not wearing leg warmers!!)

So here it is – the first Pottz Panned.

What is it?  Well, every month I will be doing a single-take, live recording of one my tracks and posting it up here for all.  You will see the style of music that my live show comprises, complete with the little surprises that come from truly playing live – some of the surprises are good and some are…well, different.

For those who’re more from the performing rather than listening/watching side of the camp, I’m happy to get into any discussion on live set-ups, configurations, tips and ideas and will be posting some more on that later (strictly for the geeks in the class). Getting a live electronic set-up that works is like learning a whole new instrument – along with the 10,000 hours it takes to then perfect it… Pottz Panned will track that journey.

This first edition is a live take of my track ‘The Dance’ from my November ’14 collection.  The original was quite tribally, but this live take gets all a little loose and jazzy…enjoy.

(PS – those are not leg warmers I am wearing, they are my very cool (warm), fur-lined Japanese boots….cold studio)

YOKE Magazine Launch Party

My very talented friend, Cynthia Sciberras, has just launched YOKE Magazine (“A print magazine believing in the power of creativity and unity to inspire transformation.”)

Get the magazine now. It’s beautiful.

And I had the privilege of playing some tunes at the launch party.  I had great fun chilling out my normal live set to be more suitable for sundowners on a Sydney terrace.

Also, I wrote 3 new tracks for the occasion, all with a jazzy vibe – much piano abounds.  I’ll have studio mixes of those 3 tracks out by the end of January, so watch this space.  In the meantime, here’s a little taster of the new tunes from the YOKE Magazine launch.

Highlights from the 1st Live Set

After many weeks of preparation, I got my first live set delivered in early December.  Much thanks to the online community for all the assistance in getting things working, most notably the great advice you can get from Tom Cosm.

This was a rather humble beginning, but marks quite a milestone for the Steve Pottz live shows.  Much has been learnt along the way and I have a very clear idea about what will be coming out in 2014…watch this space.